How to be a good physicianHow to be a good Wave People respond differently to the definition of a good physician. Some consider it only to cure their diseases and recover their health. Some regard it to care and 居酒屋respect their feelings. However, my personal image and actual observations of a good physician lead me to think that the qualities of a good physician need to own passion, patience and precaution in the clinic and hospital. To begin with, passion can support an 房屋出租overloaded physician to care his or her patients continually. When a doctor meets a troublesome disease, a general doctor can just do their best to heal the patient, but a passionate doctor would do advanced to deliberate each possible way, and even to experiment on 小額信貸unknown field. A passionate would donate his or her life to find out a glimpse of light of patient’s recovery. Besides, if a doctor owns passion, he or she will bring smile and be full of energy. A doctor will make unhappy patients without hope to live strongly and 設計裝潢optimistically. In addition, the more patient doctors have, the better doctors are. In general, when people suffer from disease, people cannot have a good temper and emotion. Thus, doctors do need to keep their patients to soothe their patients because doctors not 宜蘭民宿only take care of patients’ bodies, but also console their souls. Also, patient doctors would tell their patients how about their diseases and how to solve these problems in detail. They certainly give patients rich personal esteems whether handling an important 烤肉operation or not. They can communicate with painful patients well. Finally, lack of precaution will bring about serious results among the patients. When doctors take every medical step to help patients, doctors ought to notice bacteria infection and every fatal ARMANIpossibility. Doctors as detectors find every clues and symptoms to diagnose the patients’ correct illness. If doctors do physical examine carefully and cautiously, they will colossally reduce medical negligence and lavishness. Certainly, safe and thoughtful way will 設計裝潢make patients more comfortable and relieved.        In summary, I firmly believe that a good physician has to own 3 Ps -passion, patient, and precaution. Passion brings hope, and inspires the patients to live forcefully. Patient brings 建築設計peace, and makes the patients to live with dignity. Precaution brings security, and declines life threats of weak patients. Finally, I hope that I will be a good physician in the future.

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